This Passover: free concerts at the ecological park

As part of the region’s Passover programme, two free concerts will be held over the holiday at the ecological park near Neot Hakikar: 25/04, Monday, 19:00: The “Mekomiyim” (“locals”) band with 60’s and 70’s covers. 27/04, Wednesday, 19:00: BEAT BAND To reach the park from Camping Neot, leave neot hakikar, continue straight at the roundabout and then turn left. […]

Join us for art workshops over Passover

Feeling inspired by your visit to the desert? we feel the same way! Those who have visited us in the past know that at the heart of Camping Neot is Estee’s pottery – gallery and studio. Visit Estee Barak’s website or Facebook page to find out more about her work. This Passover, we’ve prepared fun art […]

Camping Neot getting ready for Passover

While all over Israel people are busy getting rid of Chametz (all foods that are forbidden on Passover) and cooking for the Passover Seder, Camping Neot‘s staff is busy preparing to give a warm welcome to those choosing to spend the holiday with us. This year, as we’re in for a warm spring, we’ve spread […]