We ask our visitors to respect the following Campsite policies:

  • Parking is available right outside the entrance to the Campsite. You may enter the Campsite with your car to unload your gear, but we ask that you later park your car outside the campsite.
  • Pets are welcome providing they do not bother other visitors and you clean after them. Our own dog Pilpel is the Campsite’s mascot which you will surely meet and learn to love!
  • Rubbish: please use the many rubbish bins and do not leave food scrapes. Put glass and plastic bottles in the designated areas for recycling.
  • Noise: please respect others by keeping all noise to a minimum after 22:30.
  • Use of common facilities: when using the showers, toilets, dining area and Bar-B-Q spots, please clean up after use. Also, please make a timely use of these facilities especially when the Campsite is at high occupancy.
  • Fire: fire is allowed only at the designated Bar-B-Q spots.
  • Water is a scarce natural resource in the desert. Please make responsible use of water. Drinking water taps are marked.